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Welcome to the Wounded Warriors Guitar Page
Hi there and thanks for checking out this page.  We here at Bayou Blues Guitars believe in supporting our soldiers and want to do everything possible to help them in any way we can. We have built two guitars so far with the proceeds going to the Wounded Warriors Project. A special salute and thank you goes out to our new friends and patriots Charlene Heisler and Joe McGill  for purchasing both guitars. Joe has commissioned a third guitar to be built and raffled by the PTA at the school for military children on Ramstein AFB in Germany later this year. All funds will be donated by the school PTA to the Wounded Warriors Project. Our hats off to you sir for all you have done for our fine soldiers !!! For those that do not know Joe, he is a great man who truly believes in the spirit of giving back. He knows what it means to truly serve his nation. Thank you Joe for your contributions to this great country and I'm sure our fine soldiers will appreciate it to !! You sir are a true American and we salute you !!

We will be posting pictures of the newest Wounded Warriors Project guitar as soon as it is built so keep checking back !!!

Charlene Heisler and Joe McGill who purchased the previous guitar in support of our wounded warriors have purchased this guitar for Charlene’s son Justin Heisler who continues to serve our country for more than 11 years in the U.S. Air Force. Justin is currently stationed in Arizona at Luke Air Force Base. we hope you enjoy it Justin. You deserve it !!

Guitar being signed by the band Confederate Railroad
Proud owners of the Confederate  guitar Charlene Heisler and Joe McGill
Check back for future updates and thanks !!!!
Joes has commissioned a 3rd guitar that we built and will be raffled off at Ramstein AFB in Germany later this year by the PTA at Ramstein Elementary School. All funds raised by the PTA will be going to support the Wounded Warriors Project. Joe you are a true patriot and friend and we here at Bayou Blues Guitars salute you for all you do for our soldiers. Thank you sir !!!!!!
​Ramstein AFB Wounded Warriors Guitar Raffle
Well folks it's finally complete. The Ramstein AFB guitar has a new home !! Check out the story here.

The Wounded Warrior guitar raffle by the PTA at Ramstein Elementary School at Ramstein AFB was completed in December 2014. The Winner was Emily Costa and she gave the guitar to Nathan as presented within the attached pictures. The raffle raised 1500.00 that was donated to the military hospital at Landstuhl to assist the patients as they arrive and during their stay in Germany.

Congratulations to Emily and Nathan from us at Bayou Blues Guitars !!

Presentation of the check to Wounded Warriors Project by the children of Ramstein AFB
A special thanks to the staff, students and PTA of Ramstein Elementary School for your tireless efforts to supports our troops !! We here at Bayou Blues Guitars appreciate all the effort you went through to make this a huge success. Thank you Joe MCGill for getting the ball rolling and making this all possible !!