Bayou Blues Guitars
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Welcome to Custom Made Amps
Here at Bayou Blues Guitars we strive to build the blues right into our unique amps. Our amps are made from cigar boxes and other assorted unique materials to give you that sweet blues to raw raunchy sound you're gonna dig !!
5 watt Cigar Box amp runs on 9 volt battery .Has volume tone and distortion. A real screamer for just $75.00 !!!
Sweet Silvertone solid state amp repurposed and installed in a vintage suitcase. Provides tons of great sound with duel 6 inch speakers !! Volume treble bass with tape/CD jack and headphone jack.20 watts of power  operates on 110 volt line current. All for just    $150 !!!
This amp does it all with 15 watts of power full on distortion with treble bass volume makes this amp crank !! Repurposed into a nice mahogany box for loads of tone !! Priced at just   $100.00
These classic reproduction vintage radios have been converted to 10 watt guitar amplifiers using the AM band . A jack has been installed in the rear. A bonus with these amps is that you can play along with any song on the FM band thru the AM band amp !!      Priced at Just $100.00 how can you go wrong ??????