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About Bayou Blues Guitars
In November of 2008 while searching for guitar parts online, Sonny Wentling came across a site for Cigar Box Guitars!  One site led to another and another!  By the time the surfing was done, a curiosity became a passion, a passion became an obsession and Bayou Blues Guitars was born.

Bayou Blues Guitars is family-owned and operated right here in Farrell, PA. Sonny's passion for music combined with his extraordinary woodworking skills guarantee a guitar with a personal touch. 

Every part of each guitar is personally handled by Sonny.  Each guitar is numbered and has unique features all its own. All guitars are unique one of a kind pieces of playable art that are only built once. Each one is the only one that exists in the entire world and is never repeated. Be sure to check back with us and learn more about Sonny and his passion for music, entertainment and the art of Cigar Box Guitars.

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Committed to creating the finest and most entertaining guitars to be passed down from one generation to the next.
Profile of an artist....
When you purchased your one of a kind, unique,"oddball" Bayou Blues Guitar you didn't just buy a "cigar box guitar", you bought a small piece of a very talented, dedicated and passionate artist. 
I am so fortunate to be the only person Ed has let observe and sit through the building of one of these fine instruments. I never tire of sitting quietly in the corner of his shop, watching the transformation from "stick and a  box" to a beautiful playing instrument  AND piece of art! YES, I said art.
 I have seen from the inception of an idea and vision, to the first strums of a very real playing guitar. I equate this to painters, wood carvers, or any number of artists. Does a painter walk to his canvas and say, "  I'm going to paint apples, grapes, and bananas in a bowl today"? No. He looks at his pallet of colors and blank canvas, picks up his brush, and paints what is in his minds eye. Does a wood carver go to his shop, pick up his tools and a piece of wood and say, " I'm carving a bear out of this wood today"? No. He studies that piece of wood and the spirit living in that wood calls to him. The same happens when building these wonderful guitars. Choosing the box, what calls to him to build this time, a 3, 4, 6 or 12-string. What type of wood for the neck, matching the headstock to that box. There is a spirit in that guitar calling out, " do I want to sound bluesy or more acoustic or maybe shred the air waves with screaming highs and bottomless lows"? 
I've seen the passion, the frustration, and finally Ed's amazement at the results of his endeavor to create his form of "art". Truly, he is an artist. Just like no two paintings or carvings are exactly the same, this is true of a Bayou Blues Guitar. Each has it's own unique look and sound. To everyone of you that owns one of Ed's fine pieces of musical art, enjoy it and Thank you! To those that do not own one yet ----- WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ????????????

Sonny's biggest fan