Bayou Blues Guitars
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Bayou Blues Guitars
Please click images to the right to see full info  and pricing.

We take great pride in our unique selection of quality guitars. All the guitars we offer are handmade and custom built. We also build custom products to your demanding specs. just let us know what you need !!

If you have any questions regarding our products or would like more info please contact us.
Please keep in mind that because all our guitars are 1 of a kind originals there are no returns on purchases so make sure the one you chose is the one you want ! With that said, enjoy !!
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3 string Macanudo piezo $175.00
4 string tenor uke electric/acoustic $195.00
6 string double P-90 Romeo $525.00
4 string 34" scale length bass
  Militsry mess kit  Tenor electric/acoustic uke $195.00
4 string custom fiddle  w/ electric piezo $375.00
6 string Epiphone Special hybrid  $525.00
2 string piezo play boy bunny $85.00
 Double neck Cigar Box Steel Guitar on 1920's ironing board     $725
1 string electric diddley bow guitar  $65.00
4 string acoustic/electric dulcimer $325.00
6 string lefty strat w/ tremelo $695.00
    6 string w/ singles and 
       3 way switching $525.00
3 string fretted w/ piezo pickup   
 volume control $195.00 
3 string british lunchbox w/ piezo pickup fretless
 volume control $175.00
3 string  Steelers w/ strat  pickup volume tone controls
3 string lefty with single coil $285.00
inverted headless 4 string lighted 
image  $295.00
4 string Breast Cancer Awareness tele pickup. fretted
3 string Breast Cancer Awareness fretless piezo pickup  electric  $175.00
3 string montecristo acoustic   $150.00
 1 string Diddley Bo electric
Rocky Patel 4 string  $295.00
Bauza 3 string acoustic/electric $150.00
Montesino 4string $195.00
Partagas acoustic/electric  $225.00
telecaster w/lindy fralin pickups  $725.00
Truinfador 4 string $295.00
4 string Paul Stulac all skulls $389.00
 acoustic/electric mandolin